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YTT: Prep Part 1


Last Spring I thought I had it all figured out. I’d chosen a location, a time, a school to take my Yoga Teacher Training at and was just waiting for the right time to put down my deposit… Well the “right time” never came. Instead I ended up breaking my wrist while crashing down a mountain in Banff, on New Years Eve furthermore!

This was a major struggle for me physically and emotionally but I will save that for another post, maybe?!

Anyway because of that accident my original plans were on hold and I had more time to spend researching Yoga Teacher Trainings. Read More

Let’s Get Real: Fear

Fear is so debilitating. It can stop you from making new friends, having adventures, and reaching your dreams. We all have our own issues with it.

While anticipating this upcoming trip and new venture I have been dealing with my own fears quite a bit.

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