The Infamous Lewuk Coffee

Prashanti Eco Resort   My first two days in Bali and I was already on the move trying to check some things off my Must Do list! After a very hot afternoon of walking around the local markets and trying to find a long sleeve shirt for the upcoming temple visit I got my first taste of delicious food in Ubud! Sat down for a dragonfruit juice mid-afternoon while catching some shade. (more…)

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Yoga Camp: Review

yoga review   Maintaining a home-yoga practice is something I have been committed to for years now. My job as a medic in the oil field has me working in remote locations all over Western Canada so I'm not able to practice at a local studio regularly. As with everything there are pros & cons to a home practice; (more…)

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YTT Prep Kit: Part 2

06_prep2 The second part of my Yoga Teacher Training prep kit arrived in my Gmail inbox on September 2nd, my birthday! Woohoo! It was possibly the best present I could have had while away at work with slim to none cell reception. After a nice message from Kirsten, Simona & Burkhard there were more attachments of eBooks and a “6-week out” guide leading up to my YTT. This excited me especially because I love a good to-do list. Organization makes me happy! (more…)

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