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YTT Week 3


This week was action packed and my favourite week of training! We got into some more hands-on training during correction circle and took turns on each other. Everyone’s body is so different. Some people have hyper extended elbows, some are super tight in the back, some people are so bendy they don’t need adjustments while some people aren’t even aware of the lengths they can go and a little push goes a long way. It was practice, practice, practice this week. Assessing your student with clear verbal clues then going in safely with your touch.

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YTT Week 2

This week was a lot more “hands-on training” and less lectures. Which was great because I learn much better while doing rather than listening. Each of us also prepared a short presentation to give to the group to help us get over the fear of public speaking and taught us how to hold space in a room.

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The Land Down Under – Byron Bay

I had booked plane tickets to Australia months and months before my Bali trip but I didn’t really have any concrete plans at all. Like literally NONE! No idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go or what I wanted to see. Luckily I met a beautiful soul named Kat in my YTT and she wrote me out an entire itinerary for Byron Bay!

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YTT Week 1

Yoga Teacher Training Week 1

Day 1 kicked off with a meet and greet circle Sunday evening followed by a blessing at a near by Balinese temple. We were all very anxious to get started and listened intently to each person go around and give their personal intro into yoga and what brought them to Akasha Yoga Academy in Bali. I believe mine went something like this…

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