Fish On at Gillham’s Fishing Resort – Krabi Thailand

A woman's perspective Finally after 50 something days my man and I reunited in Thailand! I flew into Phuket and spent a few days relaxing in Nai Yang before making my way to Krabi where Stephen and his friend Wade were staying. Enter Gillham's Fishing Resort. This is not your typical, manly “roughing it” fishing camp either. I was blown away by the beauty of this tiny lake in the mountains. The pictures speak for themselves. (more…)

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Lets Get Real: Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox Social media runs our lives now, well the majority of us. Unless you live in a camper van up a windy road that leads to the top of the mountain where there's no reception anyway, you probably have a strong love/hate relationship with your phone. For lots of us it is a part of our business or brand, our job, our relationships and how we communicate with people and our daily lives! (more…)

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A Self-Love Sequence for Valentine’s Day

    Heart Opening Sequence Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner I think its a good time to start thinking about yourself. Not what you expected me to say? I believe to truly love someone else you must love yourself first. And isn’t the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself?! In life you only have yourself, your thoughts, your actions, yourself to rely on. So I’m giving you permission to treat yourself to your own version of a Valentine’s Day! (more…)

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YTT Week 4

The final week. Each day was bittersweet with someone saying “This will be the last time we do this, or eat that, or practice this etc.” It got quite emotional as the final day was fast approaching! I remembered back to the first week of those heavy dense lectures and how hard it was to stay awake sitting on that hard cement floor and now the hours were slipping through my grasp, flying by! I tried to remain mindful and present in every moment this week. I had made myself two tapas; Sit on my balcony each morning before practice and think about 3 things I was grateful for and to compliment others everyday. From my fellow students to the Prashanti staff. (more…)

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Let’s Get Real: Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward This is going to be a bit of a story time post today! Something that really happened to me and how I turned an unfortunate accident into a positive chain of events. First of all I am a big believer in what you put into the universe -  you will receive back. It’s all about energy! The universe truly does conspire with you to give you what you desire. Typically I try manifest positive thoughts and put out good vibes - positive outlook rewarded with a positive life! You get it! Well this little story just goes to show how powerful your thoughts can be… even when you’re thinking negatively! (more…)

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