One Day in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper Alberta A spontaneous day off work led us to the charming town that is Jasper. Jasper is nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a 3 hour drive from the capital city Edmonton. The sun was shining and we needed to get out and do something so Stephen and I took my car for a drive to go exploring! We went to Pyramid Lake, did some window shopping and checked out live music. These unplanned days are my favourite. (more…)


Checking In with Victoria Pardue

Victoria Pardue Health Coach Victoria Pardue is a Certified Integrative Health Coach & Yoga Fit Instructor. Yes, that is a big title and she teaches you small changes that make a big impact on your healthy weight loss journey. Victoria has been practicing yoga since before she even knew what Tree Pose was and now teaches Hatha Vinyasa. After some big life changes she started making self-care a priority and now get's her kicks from helping others live a more balanced life. In this interview she shares some of her favourite podcasts, marketing tips and one thing to start doing today to lead a healthier life! (more…)


Checking in with Kelsie Jo Yoga

Kelsie Jo is a Michigan native who dove head first into hot yoga years ago, started working behind-the-scenes of studio marketing and is now taking her Yoga Teacher Training. I connected with Kelsie in a private yoga group on Facebook and I'm so glad I did! She has a beautiful, caring soul and her authenticity really shines through in this interview. Kelsie has a lot of wisdom for new yogi's and speaks about bringing yoga off the mat and incorporating it into your daily life. Take the time today to slow down and read on. (more…)


5 Reasons You Need Yoga

5 Reasons You Need Yoga Everyone can benefit from a yoga practice. Thats right, everyone! Kids, teens, men, seniors, the list goes on. This is the one thing that everyone CAN do. Even the word yoga is translated into "union" or "binding" a yoga practice brings us all together. You don't need a lot of equipment and you don't need a lot of space, you just need a body and a willingness to learn. (more…)