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Vegetarian Protein – Holistic Nutritionist Meghan Pickett Explains

Vegetarian Protein

Wrapping up April’s Nutrition Series, I’m especially excited to announce my guest Meghan Pickett! She is a Holistic Nutritionist, a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor AND she is my cousin. We grew up together and both share a passion for health & fitness in our adult lives. Meghan comes from Calgary, Alberta where she got a diploma in Physical Education. She then continued her studies in Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC. Meghan teaches classes at Surfset and is launching her new fitness & nutrition consulting services to anyone looking to make a change in their lifestyle. She’s always had a passion for nourishing and fueling your body appropriately and her cupboards are full of organic ingredients!

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Ko Samui, The Last Stop – Thailand

Ko Samui was our last stop before Bangkok. Stephen arranged for us to stay at a brand new resort, Samui Sunrise, for 4 days up on the hill. It was so new we were the first ones to stay in our room! The place was beautifully landscaped and we had the pool to ourselves most of the time. The sunrise views from our room were incredible.

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Checking In with The Food Cop

The Food Cop

There’s a misconception that all vegans and vegetarians must be ultra healthy because what else is there to eat besides vegetables?! But this is not the case. There are so many processed and refined ‘snacks’ out there targeted to a veggie diet that are quick to grab on the go. Most of which are packed full of preservatives, sugar and high in sodium. To eat a healthy and nutrient dense plant-based diet it’s important to know how to grocery shop and how to prepare such meals. Since I made the switch my culinary creativity has sparked and I’ve learnt how to make a ton of fulfilling vegetarian dishes! You can see some of them on my Instagram!

Continuing with April’s Vegetarian Nutrition Series I’d like to introduce and thank Corinne Kantor for being here today. Corinne is a Registered Dietetic Technician and Certified LEAP Therapist. She’s also the creator behind The Food Cop where she writes about clean healthy eating, edible gardens, and food sensitivities.

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Ko Lanta Our Favourite Island – Thailand

Ko Lanta is a tiny, sleepy island in the Krabi province, south of the mainland. It took us 2.5 hours to get there on a boat from Ao Nang. Stephen and I were excited like two little kids as we set sail on Christmas morning. Neither of us had been to Ko Lanta before and after the night life of Ao Nang we were ready for some R&R, just the two of us.

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How To Choose A Plant-Based Diet | Sheli Msall

Sheli Msall is back! If you don’t remember her from last week (Why Choose a Plant Based Diet), she is a registered dietician living in Kuwait! Cool right?! You can follow her adventures in healthy living at Nutritionista Abroad. Today she describes the many vegetarian/vegan paths so you can choose which ones is best suited for your lifestyle and gives some tips and tricks on how to transition into a plant-based diet. There is also a delicious and nutritious recipe below that you can whip up at home!

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Railay Beach – Thailand

Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay Beach is a very popular tourist destination. A lot of famous movies were shot here because of the enormous cliffs and rocks jutting out of the ocean. It’s truly a natural spectacle!

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Why Choose A Plant-Based Diet | Sheli Msall

Plant-Based Diet

Six months ago I made a big change in my life, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet. Being a meat-eater my entire life and growing up following the Canada Food Guide this choice raised a lot of eyebrows amongst my coworkers, friends and family.

My mom did a good job packing lunches for my brother and I. She always incorporated some sort of meat sandwich on brown bread, some veggies & fruit and a cookie or granola bar. Fairly standard I think, yet those apples usually came back! When I moved out on my own, it was a lot of skipped meals due to sleeping in or eating out with friends mixed with excessive alcohol and pizza on Sundays. Despite all that I’ve always maintained a slim figure and haven’t suffered from any serious health issues (knock, knock).

I’m not even sure when my love for cooking came about. Over the past 4 years I’ve really started to clean up my diet and eat foods that nourish my body, making me feel good from the inside out. I enjoy trying new recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping, putting on some music (and pouring a glass of wine) while I prep and prepare a delicious, nutritious meal for myself or loved ones.

The Switch

In September 2016, as I was preparing for my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, I was sent some information along with recommended movies on vegetarianism. Akasha Yoga Academy suggested a plant-based diet for the YTT as those were the types of meals that would be provided for us. So I made the switch, and haven’t looked back! April marks the sixth month since my change of diet and I feel lighter, leaner and have finally kicked that bloating feeling I believe comes from meat.

Now I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist, this stuff is still all new to me. So I thought I would bring in some professionals this month to talk about the relationship between plant-based food & the health effects. If you’ve ever been interested in a meat-free diet or are leading one yourself then stay tuned for some useful information and tasty recipes!

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Virtual Yoga – What is that?!

Virtual Yoga

I’m sure by this time you may have heard about my Virtual Yoga Sessions. I launched them last month in the Monthly Newsletter and I post behind-the-scenes shots on my Instagram Stories. Maybe you’re asking yourself what exactly is Virtual Yoga, what are the benefits, what’s all included and what do you need to get started? Well let me tell you!

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