Blogger Recognition Award

A few weeks ago I received a bunch of notifications on my social from one of the boss lady’s I’ve met over the interweb, Shannon Silver from Champagne At Shannons! My IG, Facebook and email was blowing up notifying me that Shannon (the darling she is), nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!! So sweet, I know!

Shannon and I first connected in a webinar on blogging that Lauryn Evarts put on, ever heard of her?! Of course you have, she’s the blonde bombshell behind The Skinny Confidential! Since the webinar Shannon and I were emailing back and forth, talking business, blogging, entrepreneurship, relationships and other various topics! After I got back from Bali, I reached out to her and we scheduled an online virtual yoga session! I knew Shannon and I would make ‘real-life’ friends before meeting her via Skype but after our hip-opening flow my hunch was solidified because we talked and talked afterwards, I even met Eric (Hi) !!

Shannon, I LOVE watching your brand grow, your IG aesthetic is on point, you’re an all-round rad chick and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for your audience! Thank you SO much for nominating me for this award and I really do hope we meet face-to-face sometime in our wild and crazy lives!

You can find more Shannon here, here and here!

Blogger Recognition Award

Ooo, how pretty is this little thing?! Of course there are some guidelines that come with this award and they are as follows…

  •  Thank the blogger who nominated you & provide a link to their site
  •  Write a post to show the award
  •  Tell about how your blog got started
  •  Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
  •  Select 15 other bloggers to nominate for this award & comment on their sites so they are aware!


How did get started?

Well, I first created this blog as a travel diary to document my time in Bali, Australia and Thailand. It also gave my mom a way to track me and take comfort in knowing I was still alive hahaha! This post gives a good explanation as to my way behind

I travelled to Bali to take my Yoga Teacher Training through Akasha Yoga Academy last November and I wanted to provide readers with a behind-the-scenes look at an intense YTT. A digital journal is also a good way to look back on as I went through such a personal transformative experience.

I started this blog knowing that it would adjust and grow with me. As I begin to take my yoga career full-time you will see some changes to my website and blog posts. It will become more the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, how my style of teaching grows, finding my teaching voice & style as well as where I am teaching yoga and events so you can come find me!!

Piece of Blogging Advice #1

It’s harder than you think, take deep breaths, be persistent and pour some wine. There is so much to think about when creating a blog – colours, fonts, logo, layout, scheduling, images, headers, content, analytics, widgets, sharing, linking, promoting. The list goes on, and never stops. If you’re doing it all yourself (like I do) you will get so frustrated you want to chuck your Mac across the room. You will spend 8 hours staring at this screen to get the most minuscule thing changed. You will go on a hiatus time and time again. But you know what? Thats ALL part of it!

Every blogger has had writers block or come across a major tech issue or some sort of setback and it’s been OKAY. If you truly feel you have something to say, something to benefit others and you NEED to shout it out then blogging will be worth it. And when you’re pulling your hair out, pouring a 4th glass of wine and talking to yourself at 2am just remember someone somewhere in the world is doing just that alongside with you!

Piece of Blogging Advice #2

If you get a little butterfly in your stomach – hit publish! The most rewarding and engaging posts are those ones that you think to yourself ‘Maybe I shouldn’t post this?!’  I find that little twitch of nervousness helps propel you further into finding your niche and discovering what you’re all about and what you stand for. This goes for all social media. It’s your account, your personal brand so it should be about you, your opinions and what you stand for! The world wants to know what makes you you! This is the only way to find your tribe. (Check out my vulnerable post on FEAR!)

Oh and never be afraid to reach out for advice, collabs or just saying hi! Which you can do right here!

Now to show some love to these awesome people behind the blogs I read daily!! Be sure to click on each and check out what they’re doing!

15 Blogger Babes

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Britt Lynn Yoga / XOGingy / Journey Junkie / Sage Goddess / Erin Outdoors 

If you haven’t already begun my 7 Day Yoga Basics Challenge then check out this post for a link to each day which breaks down the pose, the effects, how it should feel, modifications & variations and more! Tag me on IG (@ccp_yoga) so I can see you beautiful people!

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I'm Caitlin! A gyspy floating around trying to make the best out of every day. I'm about to embark on a soul-searching journey while I get my Yoga Teacher Training certificate. Check me out!

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