High Lunge | Alanasana

High Lunge, Crescent pose or Alanasana is one of the most basic poses to learn and a great introductory to the full extension of Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana |).

High Lunge

How to get into it

  • From Forward Fold, step backwards with your left foot about 1 meter into a lunge position.
  • Keep the hips square, right knee directly over right ankle.
  • Sink the pelvis region low and bring the arms up above your head, palms to touch or facing each other.
  • Broaden the chest and gaze forward.

How it should feel

A strong stretch in your left quad and hip flexors. Right flute engaged and a beautiful upper body stretch as your arms are reaching towards the sky.

Try this

Bend the back knee and come into a kneeling 90/90 lunge for modification. For an extra challenge close your eyes and try keep the balance! This is also a great pose to prepare for Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasna |). Plant the back heel down, bringing your foot to a 45 degree angle while hips remain square to the top of your mat.

The after effects

Brings about determination, willpower and stamina. This pose helps to develop trust in oneself. A great stretch to strengthen the muscles around the knee, especially if you have an old injury.

This pose is the first in the Yoga Basics series. This series is to help people learn how to get into some standard yoga poses. It’s very important to learn the proper form of each posture to avoid any injury. If there are any questions please send me an email!


I'm Caitlin! A gyspy floating around trying to make the best out of every day. I'm about to embark on a soul-searching journey while I get my Yoga Teacher Training certificate. Check me out!

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