Virtual Yoga

Who's It For?

Virtual Yoga is ideal for busy entrepreneurs, globe trotters and the movers and shakers of today’s world. Now you can get your ‘om’ on in the privacy of your own home, the comfort of a hotel room or virtually anywhere with wifi!

What's Included?

  • A personalized plan that caters to your goals & limitations
  • 4 virtual yoga sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Visual & verbal cues from a passionate instructor
  • Class notes & feedback delivered to your inbox
  • Printable cue cards & sequences to keep for life

What Do I Need?

  • Internet connection
  • Electronic device with video & audio capabilities
  • Space for a yoga mat
  • A positive attitude!

Virtual Yoga 4 Class Pack

Full Investment – $220+tax  OR  Two Investments – $110+tax

Virtual Yoga 8 Class Pack

Full Investment – $400+tax  OR  Two Investments – $200+tax

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“My viewpoint on Yoga wasn’t a very accepting one! I loved that other people did it and wished I could or did, but did not feel like I could! I think a large part of that was the two times I had previously attempted to do Yoga in the past, I did not have an Instructor that taught in a way that worked for me and I did not have the appropriate attitude towards it. That being said, I am now a full believer in the beauty of Yoga and that I am fully capable of practicing it!!! Yay!!!!

    I owe that transition to Caitlin Pickett! She has been teaching me the basics so that I can understand what I am doing and how to do it! It eliminates me feeling scared or silly or like I can’t do this because I don’t know what I am doing. She answers all of my questions or curiosities. I never feel judged for my lack of knowledge or ability to practice. She actually makes me feel like I am pretty dam good at it! She always has plenty of positive feedback that really helps boost your confidence. As well she provides me with constructive feedback to help me practice even better! All of her instructions are easy to understand and follow so I never feel lost or left behind! I love that she demonstrates each pose before teaching me so I can vision the goal and admire how great she is, which just inspires me to keep practicing so I can get good like her!
    You can feel her passion and desire to teach others Yoga through each session but even more so when you get the follow up e-mail from her containing Que cards with pictures of each pose you just learned and a brief description. So you can continue practicing what you have just learned. Along with positive feedback and any tips/tricks you can work on until your next session! It just really feels like she genuinely cares and is really there to help you learn and grow! I don’t imagine you can get that authentic of an experience from many people.
     I am really happy that I have gotten to experience such a great Yoga Instructor that has helped me get into a new healthy way to move my body and grow my mind! Practicing yoga with Caitlin Pickett is easily one of the best choices I have made so far this year and one I will continue to stick to!”
TrishaMarie Health Coach