7 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

Alright lets go way back for a minute and let me tell you about my first time… with yoga!

The first time I went to a yoga class I was by myself. I didnt ask any friends to come, I don’t even think I told anyone, but I was curious!

I walked into a beautiful studio, with smiling faces on long lean women. I was wearing long FLARE yoga pants and a plain T-shirt, rented a mat, put my stuff in a locker, didnt talk to anyone and scurried to the floor.

This was my first HOT yoga class! Little did I know a towel and a water bottle were MANDATORY haha oh and I probably should have worn shorts because I was drenched within 15 minutes.

Anyway, I walked into the studio and the heat and smell hit me. Luckily the smell wasn’t that bad because this floor was cork not carpet (so gross, like why?!). There was no way I was going to front row and like a total dork I didnt want to be standing or walking around too much so I plopped down in the back by the door. I unrolled my mat, sat down and then…… didnt know what to do! I looked around, some people doing some preliminary stretches, some people visiting, some people breathing crazy loud, some people meditating…. what the…..?!

I did paschimottanasana and jana shirshasana which was really just basic seated hamstring stretches to me at the time before plopping down into…

Corpse pose!

The class went on and the teacher walked around the room adjusting. With each pose called out I would peak at the 30 or so people around me to make sure I was “doing it right”. As them minutes went by I really started to feel the stretch and release, I started to breathe and listen to the beautiful words my yoga teacher was saying. By the time she led us through shavasana I. was. hooked.

I signed up for an unlimited month right after that class and went 5-6x a week! I’ve said it before and I will say it again… each yoga session leaves me feeling like a MILLION bucks! 

Yoga Basics

Has anyone else had these feelings?



Afraid of the unknown?

Maybe you want to take a yoga class but don’t feel comfortable.

NO FEAR! If that is you, I got you!


I created this series on the blog for YOU. These are some standard yoga poses that will come up in every class and you can do them at HOME. 

I’ve included the name of each posture in English and Sanskrit so you can impress your friends!

Yoga Humour

I’ve also included steps on how to get INTO the pose as well as how it should FEEL when you’re in it! Cool right?




Also I included some modifications if you need to take them as well as variations if you wanna try a little something something else! 

Oh and all the fun after effects of the yoga posture because…. benefits are a bonus!!! 🙂

If you want you can try and hold one yoga pose a day for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. Or combine a few to make a flow, OR do them all together to come up with your own sun salutation (Look at you go pro!)

Day 1: Mountain

Day 2: Forward Fold

Day 3: Low Lunge

Day 4: Downward Dog

Day 5: Knees, Chest, Chin

Day 6: Cobra

Day 7: High Lunge


I hope you guys dig this, be sure to save this page and share it with your friends! Do it together! Have a yoga party! And please please please let me know in the comments if this was beneficial, educational, inspirational and if I should do more!

xo, C


I'm Caitlin! A gyspy floating around trying to make the best out of every day. I'm about to embark on a soul-searching journey while I get my Yoga Teacher Training certificate. Check me out!

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Shannon · July 12, 2017 at 1:06 pm

omg this post is amazing, I love that you incorporated salt bae. I am def giving this a go – you make it so easy and approachable, I love it!! I’ll do this day by day and then make it a flow next week. Thanks girlie!! x Shannon || http://www.champagneatshannons.com

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